Real opportunity of Work and Business
I’m sure you receive many e-mail every day that say how you can become a millionaire with just few clicks, they are long histories
of many people saying;  I can’t believe this, but now in a few months I’m millionaire…….

Many more saying "I work in house or in the beach just a couple of hours"

We think that some part of the histories could be truth, but you really think that if someone has the “Know How” to be a rich in a
few months…, then They will be selling the formula to you for as few as $ 50.00, $ 100.00, $300.00 or $500.00 USD, also if you
found the formula….. Do you will sale it for a few dollars?

Some real and proved formula businesses are the franchises, but usually you need to pay thousands of dollars to get one, plus
pay % over sales and extra fees.

With us, You have an opportunity to work in a legitimized activity & real business, you decide your schedule and where you want
to work, and you can get  support, templates and supplies.

We do not pretend to sale you nothing that you not need, if you work with us, you need to do some contacts, some meetings with
your customers and some advertising like all the people in business.

You can get the income that you need and learn all is necessary to be successful on this activity, but if you work this works, if you
work more you get more income.

Normally the Business and Persons that work can get from $2,000.00 to $12,000.00 by month as gross utility.

We no charge any fee for register or support, if you do a business with us we will help you to grow, we grow our volume, so no
wait more and go to see if this will be for you.
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What you need to do for get in business with us?

Just register and star to promote your business, we can help you with the design,
samples and support.

What work I need to do for generate my income?

You need to focus on find customers and get her attention on your business; you can
start now or run according at your own available time and plan. Part of your work is to
review the retail prices at your area to keep within the correct market level. (Check
directly at the shops, the internet prices normally are low than the shops).

Every business needs signs or campaigns wherever is their situation: if they just start, if
they are grow, if they are changing ph  # ´s, names, location, services, have new web
sites, etc., also to continue in business whit a regular campaigns. All need to do some
advertising or promotion to catch the attention or to remind all people about their
services or products.

Just think how many customers are in your area, small business, stores, restaurants,
gas stations, laundries, builders, trim service, clean service, car wash, car dealers, car
services, doctors, lawyers, home inspectors, home services, etc.

Many of them change their campaigns or promotions every week, every month or
quarterly, so you can get continuously new and returning customers. You can offer then
packages for campaigns or a single item that they need on demand.

How I figure my income?

Ok let me show you this numbers on easy form.
Our more popular Package are the small campaign, that you can sale on $ 682.00, you
get this for only $436, your income are $ 246.00, if you just sale 1 package per day, only
Mon-Fri your income can be $ 4,920.00/mouth.

This are just a small sample, how many you want to sale 5, 10 o more at day
Sale price
You cost
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Price list on PDF
But that is not all! this is just an example of many different products and services,
you can sell too the design that you will get for free or use this as closing tool.

You can get better income with our full line products. You do not have limit to grow,
just catch more customer and place your orders.
How I can start to receive orders if I no have any resources?

Easy, if you have a customer and you receive payments, you place the order, we design, we send an e-mail preview for approval, we
produce and we ship to you or directly to the customer.

If you need help to receive credit cards, paypal, electronic transfers we can help until you get your own merchant services.
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How I get more customers to grow my business?

Doing the same as your customers, get some postcards, brochures and send your own campaign by direct mail, install magnetic
signs at your car, spread your biz cards, display a vinyl banner, install some yard signs in your area.

We can help you with the design.

Remember you not need spend time on production, design, finishing, packing, just focus in catch more customers and get attention
at the return customers.

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